'the sacred' & 'Papa Tango Sierra Delta'

5 Apr - 25 May 2019
Lillian Rock

The Sacred’ and ‘Papa Tango Sierra Delta’ by Darmin. Sacred stories are in every culture and the land we walk. We have our ‘Sacred Cows’ and often the term ‘nothing is sacred’ is bandied about. The artworks have elicited a strong response from artists and have covered many aspects from the sacred to the profane. ‘Papa, Tango, Sierra, Delta' is a response to the silent epidemic that is sweeping the world, PTSD. The limited edition signed canvas prints of photographic digital manipulations are designed to elicit reflection and response. The analogy of a Bowling Alley where the pins are the different parts of the brain is a good one. Trauma comes hurtling down the alley, the Bowling Pins are scattered everywhere and another ball is coming and you can’t get out of the way. These images express the underlying and very different traumatic events of who you think you are and the 'process’ you have developed to hold yourself together as a person. They are at once powerful, beautiful and surprisingly calming.

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Blue Knob Hall Gallery
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Permaculture Course: Growing Abundance - Garden to Table

9 Apr - 15 May 2019

Learn to grow an abundance of food year-round, plus how to store and preserve the harvest with Robyn Francis, Angela Skehan and Melian Fertl. Two days a week. Fees include all tuition, extensive course notes and handbooks, e-resources, discount on items from PCA bookstore, and end of course lunchtime feast.

Tues 9am-5pm, Wed 9am-3pm
$925 if paid by March 9
Djanbung Gardens
74 Cecil St, Nimbin (map)
Robyn Francis
02 6689 1755