Application Forms

Prospective tenants must complete an application for each name they wish to have on the lease. A copy of their driver’s license and passport is submitted plus any additional supporting documents such as bank statements & payslips. Nimbin Lifestyle Real Estate will conduct reference checks and present all applications to you to make the final decision.


To see your Property Manager in person, please contact us to make a time. The nature of our roles takes us out of the office and by making an appointment we can ensure we are there for you.


Nimbin Lifestyle Real Estate are happy to provide you with both Sales & Rental Appraisals. These will give you an estimate of what your investment property may sell or rent for. If you would like an appraisal you may complete our online form or phone us on 6689 1305


Money that is past due and therefore payable immediately.

Body Corporate

The collective ownership of common property such as a block of apartments or multi-dwelling complexes. It is responsible for the administration and upkeep of common areas.


Equivalent to 4 weeks rent for vacant residential properties or 6 weeks for furnished. Bond is collected by the agent from the tenant at commencement of the lease agreement and lodged with the Rental Bond Board. Bond is returned to the tenant (less any outstanding monies) after the final inspection has been completed

Change of Owner Details

Any changes to your personal details or bank account must be in writing and signed by the person named on the Managing Agency Agreement.

Condition Report

A condition report is prepared on every property before the tenant takes possession. This report thoroughly details each room with its fittings & fixtures, plus any notable items or damage. The tenant is given 2 copies of this report to add any additional items of which one it returned to the agent within 7 days. All keys given to the tenant are photocopied on this report. You will receive a copy of the condition report with a letter of the particulars of the tenancy agreement

Ingoing Inspection

A thorough inspection is conducted of the property prior to the tenant taking possession with a fully comprehensive “Condition Report” being prepared.


We recommend all landlords obtain Landlords Insurance to cover against tenant damage & arrears. Please contact your preferred Broker for further information. Please be aware that you may also require Building Insurance depending on your property type.


Maintenance will be handled in line with your instructions on your Managing Agency Agreement. The owner is responsible to maintain the property consistent with how it was handed over to a tenant; the tenant is responsible for any damage, whether intentional or accidental.

Managing Agency Agreement

The Managing Agency Agreement allows an agent to act on behalf of the Principal in line with their instructions.

Outgoing Inspection

A thorough inspection is conducted once the tenant has vacated the property. Any damage or cleaning issues are identified and rectified at this time.


Pets will only be permitted at the property with your prior approval. Failure to obtain your approval may result in the termination of the tenants lease.


Rent is payable by the tenant in advance. Rents should be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Residential Lease Agreement

Sets out details of the property to be rented and the terms and conditions agreed to between landlord and the tenant.

Selling the Property

The property can be sold whilst the tenants are still in possession of the property. Particulars of the lease are entered into the Contract for Sale. A 30 day Notice of Termination can be issued to the tenants once the property has cooled off, or 60 days if prior. If the tenants are under a fixed term agreement, notice can be given for the expiry of the term. All Termination Notices must give a further 4 working days for postage.


You will receive comprehensive monthly statements with attachments of invoices paid. End of Financial Year Statements are prepared and sent with your July Statement. Funds will be banked directly into your nominated account

Strata Title

Applies to more than one property on a single piece of land, such as an apartment block. Each unit will have a separate strata title, organised under a ‘strata plan’.


All applications are checked on the TICA database, a national tenancy database and default tenancy control system


Nimbin Lifestyle Real Estate only use appropriately qualified, licensed & insured tradespeople.

Water Usage

Tenants are required to pay water usage when the property is individually metered.