The person in this role will provide outstanding customer service, including face-to-face contact, answering phone calls and emails. The paper work for sales as well as general day-to-day documents are created and maintained by the person in this role. Other duties include creating and organising window cards and advertisements and maintaining a welcoming office environment.


The Account Manager is in charge of overseeing the general expenses of the business, as well as overseeing the Trust Account. This person ensures that payments are made on time.


The Licensee is in charge of the running of the business. He/she ensures that all employees are abiding by the most up to date laws and regulation within the real estate industry and maintains policies and procedures for the staff to follow. The licensee oversees all management agreements in relation to sales and property management.

Property Management

The Property Manager looks after all of the rental properties within the business. Duties include collecting and disbursing rental monies, organising any repairs or maintenance work that the property requires, dealing with rental arrears, breach of contracts and rental disputes, representing Landlords and Tenants at tribunal hearings, inspecting properties on a 3 monthly basis and doing rental appraisals for potential rental properties.

Sales Agent

The Sales Agent is responsible for overseeing all aspects involved with property sales. This begins with the appraisal of a property, which is evaluated using comparable sales in the area and a comprehensive knowledge of both the national and regional real estate industry. The sales agent is responsible for the listing of properties and this includes advertising preparations, composing property descriptions, taking both aerial and normal photographs and most importantly, establishing strong vendor relationships. Once listed, the agent will qualify prospective purchasers, conduct inspections and relay efficient communication and feedback between the vendors and prospective purchasers. The sales agent must negotiate the best deal for both parties and will liaise between them until a price is agreed upon. Once offer and acceptance has taken place, the sales agent will continue to communicate with both parties and their legal advisors until settlement has taken place. Overall, the sales agent acts as the primary contact source for the property and has a duty to ensure that both vendors and prospective purchasers understand the sales process.

Sales Assistant

The Sales Assistant is primarily responsible for assisting the sales agent in maintaining vendor communication, assisting in listing preparations and the organization of inspections. In our office, the responsibilities of the sales assistant extend further than other PA positions. The sales assistant is often conducting their own inspections, qualifying prospective purchasers and communicating efficiently with vendors while continuing to liaise with the sales agent on all matters. This ensures that no vendor or prospective purchaser is missed, that there is no competitive nature between agents and that there is a consistency of customer service upheld within our Agency.