The decision to sell can be a big one with many influencing factors to consider. At Nimbin Lifestyle Real Estate we believe in helping you make an informed decision by providing all of the information available.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions…?

  • How much will my property be worth if I hold onto it for a few more years?
  • Should I rent out my property rather than sell it?
  • How much Capital Gains Tax will I have to pay?
  • Does Land Tax apply to me?
  • My home is fully depreciated… isn’t it?
  • What will selling this house and buying another cost me?

If you answer ‘YES’ to any of these questions (plus many, many more!) then we can help!

Our skilled team have developed fully comprehensive reports that allow you to calculate your income and expense, taxes & gains so you can make the decision the is right for you. If you would like to speak with a member of our team we invite you to contact us on 6689 1305.

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We believe different properties require different marketing methods. With Nimbin Lifestyle Real Estate you have a choice. We will discuss each method with you and select one that will work the best for your property and the one you feel most comfortable with.

Most people have experienced buying or selling a property by private treaty. Private Treaty is a system of marketing the property and adjusting the price and advertising until offers start to come in. Private Treaty is a fairly simple process with the intensity and activity is a lot more relaxed.

The price guide was developed in order to provide better outcomes for sellers in the form of higher prices, shorter selling periods and greater confidence and certainty. It works by attracting the largest pool of buyers therefore maximising interest in the property. Most buyers initially look at property priced 10-15% below what they eventually end up paying. If they find a property that they love, they often change their thinking. Instead of offering what they would “like” to pay they offer what they “have” to pay. In short, they will pay whatever it takes to buy what the property they desire.